To estimate the job length we will need some details about your move.  Please reply with the following information and we will reply with an estimate:

1) The date/s of the potential move.

2) The relevant postcodes.

3) Whether there are potential  restrictions, like being in a chain or awaiting fund clearance or key release.

4) A description of each property, (stairs, corridors, long-paths, lifts,  maisonettes, van height restrictions, etc etc).

5) Van parking (how close to building entrance).

6) If Storage, where is the container/unit in relation to where we can park or within a storage facility (upstairs, down corridors, requiring forks-lift truck, etc).

7) If London, is it in congestion zone, is there an event on.

8) Will there be any dirty or oily items from garages, sheds, gardens?

9) Will any dismantling/reassembling, unplumbing be required of beds, washing machines, large wardrobes, day beds?  Are any of the sofas sofa-beds?

10) Please notify us if you have an American Style Fridge-Freezer, a pool/snooker table, a piano, or any other extra-large m/extremely heavy items?

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